In June 2014, Champions took a trip to an orphanage for kids with special needs in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We brought “camp” to Haiti. During the week, we played games, did arts and crafts, danced to music and had the opportunity to take the kids to a local pool and do water therapy.

Haiti is a third world country, and many children live with little treatment and other medical attention. Our mission was to ravish them with the love of Jesus, reminding them He is where we find hope and NOT our circumstances here on earth. Ironically, we left feeling that was what the children poured out over us as a team. Haiti was an amazing trip and each and every one of our team left changed.

This year, we are joining Hope of Life Ministries in Zacappa, Guatemala, to work with the individuals with special needs that reside at the ministry. We also plan to hold a day camp for 100 typical orphans, minister to the elderly and malnourished babies in the hospital, and participate in feedings in the surrounding villages.

We are so blessed to have International trips as an extension of Champions Special Ministries as it has given us a broader view for special needs in the world.